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Temptation Thursday- Free Cakes


Looking for Free Cakes? Look no further!

This week Sleepless Mornings, The Mom Reviews and Jabbering Jessi are the hosts of our Temptation Thursday. We couldn’t be more excited to have them involved!

Plus, if you win, it will be just in time for Mother’s Day!

One Response to “Temptation Thursday- Free Cakes”

  1. Melissa Wiley Says:

    This week is the week I am cake shopping for my Vow Renewal ceremony. In the 10 years that I have been married, I had almost forgotten about the insane, over-priced, and ultra-commercialized side of weddings and anything related. Two months ago, when we decided that having a Renewal was how we wanted to celebrate our 10 years together, we (really, I) didn’t take into consideration that the whole wedding thing is really more for us girls, than the men. They really don’t care about flowers, center-pieces, dresses, organza vs. tulle, hair styles, nail color, or jewelry. They really only care about the food, (my husband only has two requests) bbq and a good tasting cake. Does all this stress and added work load really only boil down to meat and cake??

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