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A Cake Maker’s Dream Comes True

Found this great story in the Greely Tribune:

A slice from a topsy-turvy birthday cake or a bite from the romantic elegance of a spring wedding cake will lead you into one woman’s small but booming cake boutique in Erie. No matter your style, Rachael Teufel has the taste for it all.

Working for years as a physical therapist in Connecticut, Rachael always knew she wanted to expand on her favorite hobby — cakes. Ten years ago, she finally took her hobby seriously.

With no formal culinary training, Rachael began taking cake decorating classes. After moving to Colorado in 2006, she transitioned from physical therapy to her lifetime passion, officially started her own business, Intricate Icings, in a rental kitchen. Focusing primarily on wedding cakes, by 2008 Rachael was creating four to five cakes per weekend during wedding season, all by herself.

As her business expanded, Rachael moved Intricate Icings into its own shop in Erie in May 2009 and hired two employees. Along with wedding cakes and cupcakes, Intricate Icings designs novelty cakes for other events such as birthdays, anniversaries and retirements. You will not find standard grocery store sheet cakes at Intricate Icings.

“Everything I make is in 3-D,” Rachael says about her cakes.

Rachael has come a long way in a very short time. She believes much of the success of her business has to do with the growing popularity of cake shows on television. But now she is part of that realm, too. She recently filmed an episode of the Food Network Challenge in Denver that will air this summer. The show presents a variety of culinary types, and Rachael was invited to appear on a themed cake decorating episode. Rachael will compete against three other designers and the winner will be awarded $10,000 and a gold medal.

“The Challenge was a blast,” Rachael said. “Such a great experience!”

Rachael still finds pleasure every day with her new career. Designing cakes from scratch every week is a huge relief from her previous tedious daily life. Coming up on the busiest time of the year — wedding cake season — Rachael embraces the long hours in the bakery and never looks back.

Do any of you have dreams of being a famous cake maker? Share your story!

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