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In the debate between cake and cupcake, where do you stand?

Yesterday I began to really think about the difference between the cake and the cupcake. Cupcakes have become an all-occasion gift. You can bring cupcakes to a party; you can bring cupcakes to a sick person; you can bring cupcakes just because. Yet, the cake– just a slightly larger version of the cupcake– is relegated to the role of birthday gift.

A recent article stated this: Cupcake love is everywhere and it’s here to stay. It’s more than a fad because it is a treat without an enemy. I know people who hate cake. I do not know anyone who will say a bad word about cupcakes.

What then drives cupcake love? Or more importantly, dear readers, which side do you land on. Let’s take an informal poll: cake or cupcake?

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