The Happy Birthday battle begins!

June 17th, 2013

It’s not the first time that I’ve heard the popular song, Happy Birthday To You, is actually owned by a music publishing company. Basically, anyone who wants to perform the song in public, must pay a licensing fee to them (which is why you never hear it out at restaurants when its someone’s birthday!) The fee, recently published on the internet, is $1564 for use and according to the AFP, said publishing company collects over 2 million dollars a year for the song!

For the first time, it seems there is a legal battle to have the song put back into public domain by a filmmaker, who wishes to create a documentary on the evolution of the song. The melody, originally dating back to the Hill sisters in the late 1800s, eventually became the popular Happy Birthday we all know and love today. According to the suit, the publishing company, Werner/Chappell, only has a narrow right to publish and license a specific piano arrangement of the piece that dates back to 1935.

We wish the filmmakers luck in their endeavor! They’re right – this song is American as apple pie and should belong to ALL of us!

Tsk Tsk Cake Boss

April 9th, 2013

I’m all about giving away cakes and making people feel good, but at a recent event in Philly the Cake Boss’ own Buddy V. was handing out cakes and making people wait in line for HOURS! One man, who cut the line and went to storage (to take one of thousands of cakes – as there were more than enough to go around), was arrested by police (ok, ok, he also stole a laptop). In fact, the police released a statement how the event caused bad blood… people were cutting, fighting in line and causing quite a commotion. NO WONDER! Stand a bunch of hungry sweet-tooths in a line, make them wait, and starve, then see what happens. It’s a recipe for disaster.

By the way – there’s NEVER a line at, where you can have your cake order done in only 5 minutes and schedule your cake delivery whenever you please. :)

The Pittsburgh Gazette

Hostess and Drake’s back on shelves this Summer!

March 15th, 2013

Well, that’s some encouraging news for all us snackers out there! Hostess and Drake’s will be back on the shelves very soon, having been purchased by a variety of food manufacturers and brands. Sure, a lot of negative things can be said about what occurred with the brand, and the nasty things the executives have done, but it’s nice to see these brands resurrected. They are truly part of American pop-culture.

Checkout the article over at the Huffington Post!

Hostess To Sell Drake’s Cakes To McKee Foods

10 Cakes We Could Never Deliver

February 1st, 2013

Of course, we say that in jest – well sorta.  Over on The Daily Meal, they’ve listed the 10 most expensive cakes they could find.  Sure, it really has nothing to do with the ingredients, but just to see the lengths people will go to give a cake that extra bling – jewery, diamods, gold…. check out the slide show:

10 Insanely Expensive Cakes

Could you imagine Bake Me A Wish!  having a $30,000,000 cake delivery?  Not likely! Have a great weekend!

Hope for Drake’s Coffee Cake

January 30th, 2013

While most of you probably don’t know Drake’s Cakes, those of us who live in the Northeast find it hard to go to the grocery shelves and not see this classic American brand on the shelves. Drake’s was owned by Hostess, who, as you probably know, filed for Bankruptcy last November. No doubt that while those popular brands are currently on ice, they will be defrosted and served by other companies, eager to fill in the snack cake gap.

Over on MSN, there’s an article about Little Debbie, owned by McKee Foods, to pick up the classic East Coast brand, Drake’s Cakes. That’s good news for all the Ring Ding lovers out there – not to mention their popular coffee cake, that an entire episode of Seinfeld revolves around.

We’ll keep you posted on these developments – read the full article at the link below:

Little Debbie Maker Wants Drakes Cakes

For a good laugh – check out this classic Seinfeld episode where Newman will do anything for a Drake’s Coffee Cake:

Newman vs. Seinfeld – Drake’s Coffee Cake

Gourmet Brownie Gift Guide and Giveaway

November 7th, 2012

Our friends over at Outnumbered 3 to 1 did a great little write up for their Holiday Gift Guide on delicious gourmet brownie deliveries -just in time for Thanksgiving!  They also gave us props on our Operation: Birthday Cake Program and Freedom Cake.  As always, we’re proud to be featured on product review blogs and give away our tasty treats!  A hearty thank you to all the ladies over on this wonderful blog.

Go on over, check out the post and your chance to win a FREE Gourmet Brownie Gift!   Which is your favorite?  CAKE or BROWNIES!?

Birthday Cake Delivery for Military Personnel

September 17th, 2012

Birthday Cake Delivery for Military Personnel

There was a geat article about our Operation Birthday Cake program we didn’t want you to miss – as you know, we send birthday cakes by mail to soliders overseas – over on Las Vegas Today!   Check it out:

Bake Me A Wish

Submitted by  on September 13, 2012


“Yesterday I received one of your Birthday cakes and WOW, talk about unexpected! I had no idea this was coming. My experience with cakes ranges from grocery store sheet cakes to Betty Crocker so this was an amazing treat. I shared it with everyone in my battalion and we all agreed it arrived moist and looking great. We’ve all received a few packages over here in Iraq but never one that survived the trip except for this one – it was in great shape! On a serious note, it takes a special person and a special company to send cakes around the world to complete strangers like me. It really touched my heart knowing people I don’t even know donated to and made this especially for me to celebrate my Birthday as a way of saying thank you. These are things I’ll always remember, thank you, thank you so much. A special thanks to Josh Kaye, President at Bake Me a Wish, for helping my Birthday turn out pretty terrific (we don’t have Birthday cakes over here), but I got one! You should have seen the looks on everyone’s faces!” – Mike Carbone USAF

I want to express my sincere gratitude to everyone for my husband’s birthday cake. He is stationed in Iraq and has missed being with us for his birthday for the past 2 years. When he received his cake, he was so surprised. He said that it meant the world to him that as far away as he is, we would make sure that he had a birthday cake! He was truly touched (and my husband isn’t a mushy guy). Again, THANK YOU, forgiving us a way to show our loved ones that no matter how far away from us they are, we love them and always keep them close to our hearts. Peggy Cruz and Family Sierra Vista, AZ Letters like these and photo’s of soldiers who have received one of BakeMeAWish. com’s cakes are more than touching – they’re heartfelt and real. The men and women who receive “a little taste of home” are our families and they’re all around the world, protecting us. Founded in 2004, BakeMeAWish. com is a premiere online retailer of gourmet cake delivery, based on award-winning family recipes and perfected by a master pastry chef, using the freshest and most decadent ingredients available. BakeMeAWish. com has been shipping gourmet birthday cakes to soldiers overseas since 2007. They mix the finest gourmet recipes with a tried and true delivery system to ensure cakes stay fresh when shipping around the world!

“We’ve got the packaging down to a science,” the president of Bake Me A Wish, Josh Kaye, says with a smile. “Your cake delivery arrives fresh, safe and secure with a greeting card, in an elegant gift box – it’s a delicious cake and an amazing experience.”

Operation : Birthday Cake is a goodwill program created by and administered by Soldiers’ Angels, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The mission of the program is to see that each deployed soldier receives a birthday cake on his or her birthday, no matter where they are stationed. The program instills morale in our troops and ensures that they know they are in the hearts and minds of Americans back home. donates 5% of its online revenue to support Operation: Birthday Cake and has given soldiers reason to celebrate important occasions in their lives in Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea and other countries. Donations are available to the American public through their Freedom Cake products, which sends a cake to a loved one in the states and a matching cake donated to a soldier serving overseas in the recipient’s name.

As Josh says, “Soldiers spend many birthdays and holidays away from their loved ones – we are so thankful we can bring them a little slice of home.” is glad to announce that a special 10% discounted offer is available for readers of Today in Las Vegas. Use Promo Code HT10 when ordering and you will automatically receive discount.


How to Send a Birthday Cake by Mail

August 16th, 2012

Want to learn how to send a birthday cake by mail? In today’s post, we’ll show you how Bake Me A Wish! has perfected the art of sending cakes by mail with their freshness and shape completely intact.

There’s no better way to celebrate a friend or family member’s birthday than with a rich, moist, scrumptious birthday cake.

But sometimes we’re separated by many miles from the ones we love and treating them to a gourmet cake on their birthday may seem impossible.

Luckily, it’s easier than ever to send a birthday cake by mail thanks to our tried and true method for birthday cake delivery.

Bake Me A Wish! has spent the better part of a year testing and perfecting a variety of methods for keeping a cake fresh and delicious enroute, so you can surprise your loved one on their special day with a gourmet birthday cake.

But how does it all work? How can we keep a cake fresh and structurally intact for overnight delivery anywhere in the United States?

We consulted with some of the most experienced packaging engineers in the country to develop a reliable and effective system for sending birthday cakes by mail.

Our Method for Sending a Birthday Cake by Mail

  • How to Send a Birthday Cake by MailThe cake is collared, carefully encased in plastic and placed in a decorative box to help it hold shape and retain freshness for the trip.
  • The decorative gift box with the cake inside is then placed into a molded cooler to ensure safety of the product en route and maintain refrigeration.
  • To ensure the cake stays fresh, we place a large ice pack on top of the cake before completely enclosing it in polystyrene and sealing the box for delivery.
  • At this point, time is of the essence. We work with UPS to ensure the cake is delivered on-time to its appropriate destination.  Cakes packed with this method can arrive in a 72 hour time frame fall-spring, and 48 hours in summer.   Knowing the temperatures of where you ship from and where you’re shipping to are key to determining your ship method.

Learning how to send a birthday cake by mail is easy. But actually doing it takes time, a lot of planning, and finding the right components.  For further safety – freeze your cake first – it will not affect flavor and will help it arrive in one piece!   The molded cooler and ice pack, as well as the interior packaging, however,  are imperative!

If you’re serious about sending a cake to your special someone on his or her birthday, choose from over 25 gourmet cake flavors and we’ll make sure it gets there fresh and on-time, guaranteed!