The Lessons We Learn – Mother’s Day Giveaway

May 1st, 2012

Win a Mother’s Day Cake Delivery! –  CONTEST CLOSED.

Mother’s Day is a week from Sunday!  Once a year, we have this special day to tell our Mom’s, Grandmother’s and special women in our life that they are appreciated and valued.  I know that growing up, I didn’t really have an understanding of what my own Mother went through to raise three rambunctious boys. Now, she is the most important woman in my life.  What did I learn from Mom?  A HECK of a lot!  But one of my favorite mommy adages is:
“If you don’t ask, the answer is no.  It never hurts to ask.”

It seems simple but that’s a life lesson that applies to just about everything I’ve ever done!

We want to hear what you learned from Mom – the special lessons and memories that you have from growing up.  Reach down and talk to that inner child that will always be Mom’s special boy or girl.  Post your comment below for your chance to win a free cake delivery from Bake Me A Wish!!


RULES:  Post on our blog about your favorite lesson from Mom – each lesson you post is a new entry into the giveaway.  We’ll select three lucky readers to receive a free Mother’s Day Cake delivery for themselves, or to send to their mother.  Your comment number is your entry number and we’ll select the winners at random using a random number generator.  Let’s hear those life lessons from Mom!



Love of Chocolate Event Honors Families of Deployed Soldiers

February 23rd, 2012

This past weekend, Bake Me A Wish! had the pleasure of honoring families of deployed service members at the “Love of Chocolate” party in North Dakota in coordination with our good friend, Shelle Michaels, National Communications Officer for Soldiers Angels. Shelle has been a great ally in our effort to show deployed service members that they are not forgotten by us at home through our Operation Birthday Cake Program. The event was also brought together with Colonel Michael and was attended by David Sprynczynatyk, Major General and Adjunct General of the North Dakota National Guard as well as Lt. Governor Drew Wrigley.

This year, Bake Me A Wish was able to bring some additional smiles to the Love of Chocolate event as Bake Me A Wish cakes were handed out to family members deployed soldiers. Take a quick look at those faces below – happy to have some chocolate and know that we’re working to support their family members overseas.

Read more about the event at KFYR-TV.

Or watch the video clip!

Say Something Sweet! Giveaway

February 10th, 2012

It’s that time of year again! Time to show your romantic side – an excuse to be mushy, gushy and let our loved ones know that we care about them. You can write a poem, make dinner, give them a massage… there are lots of ways to express your love. Here at Bake Me A Wish!, we’re in love with sending people cake deliveries for their birthday, valentine’s day, anniversary – you name it. It makes us extraordinarily happy to make other people happy.

We want to spread the love even further this Valentine’s Day! We’re giving away 3 of our Freedom Cakes to our fans… they can be for you, or a loved one anywhere in the continental United States. Along with Each Gift, we’re also going to donate a cake in your recipients name to a deployed service member through our Operation: Birthday Cake program with our partner, Soldiers Angels. You feel good, we feel good and one of our dedicated soldiers, far from loved ones and home, will have a happier birthday.


Win one of 3 Valentine’s Day Freedom Cakes for you or a loved one and have it arrive ON Valentine’s Day!

1. Post a comment below and tell us who your Valentine is! Then just tell us why you think they’re so sweet!

2. We have lots of loved ones in our lives, Mom, Dad, husband or wife – enter as often as you like, but you have to have a different sweetie each time. :)

3. Enter by MONDAY MORNING at 10am (2/13/12). We’ll choose 3 comments randomly, using a random number generator to win a Freedom cake. Winner emails will be sent on Monday by noon so we can set your cake to arrive on Valentine’s Day! We’ll also announce it on our Facebook page.

Thank you everyone for participating and being a fan! We know the Soldiers appreciate it too!

We’re a Featured Gift! Huffington Post

February 8th, 2012

Ooo – a tip of the hat from the Huffington Post for our Operation: Birthday Cake program! :) Lest we forget, our military personnel are still stationed away from loved ones around the world – we’re happy that we can bring a little joy to some of them on their birthday. With your help, we’ve delivered thousands of birthday cakes to soldiers overseas! Thanks for your continued support; as mentioned, a portion of each Valentine’s Day and Birthday Cake goes to this program, or you can purchase a Valentine’s Day Freedom Cake and have a cake donated on behalf of your loved one!

Huffington Post – Bake Me A Wish! Gifts That Give Back

What’s Your Favorite Chocolate Cake?

January 25th, 2012

This Friday, January 27th is National Chocolate Cake day!  That’s as good a reason as any to celebrate :) .  As you know, Bake Me A Wish has a variety of chocolate cakes… but which one is best?  Help us decide what our most popular chocolate cake is by posting your vote below – that also enters you into our giveaway for the chocolate cake of your choice!  Read on!

National Chocolate Cake Day Giveaway!










RULES: Vote for your favorite chocolate cake by this Friday at 11:59pm from the list below. That is also your entry to receive a free cake as part of our giveaway.  We’ll select one lucky fan to receive the chocolate cake they chose.  Your comment number is your entry number and we’ll select the winner at random using a random number generator.  Only one vote per fan please;  Vote now!



Stellar Star Wars Cake!

January 23rd, 2012

Perfect for the discriminating Star Wars fan, this 300 lbs Storm Trooper cake was baked by Amanda Oakleaf of Winthrop, MA (wow Amanda!) and was featured the down in Tampa Bay… just had to share this photo!  Amazing!

Photo Credit: Amanda Oakleaf



Happy Birthday Betty White!

January 10th, 2012

I didn’t have a ton of friends growing up;  I wasn’t necessarily lonely, but the handful of friends I did hang around with weren’t always available, so I spent a lot of time with my Grandma, aunt and cousins.  My grandmother, Agnes, god rest her soul, was one of the liveliest, funniest women I have ever known.  To be sure, we spent a lot of time calling her foxy lady!    She was one of my best friends growing up… and the golden girls always reminded me of her, in particular, Betty White.
Grandma passed quite some time ago, but here Ms. White is, about to turn 90 years old, and she still reminds me of my grandmother Agnes – fun, lively, smart as a whip!   My sincerest gratitude to Betty White for her career as an actress and all the jokes that made us smile.

Don’t miss out on the very special 90th birthday tribute to Betty on Monday January 16th (Betty’s actual birthday is January 17th, one month before Grans :) ).

Miami Cake Baker is Crushed

January 5th, 2012

If you were to ask someone to create a promotional item at their own cost in exchange for publicity, wouldn’t you have the decency to follow through with your request and feature them? At the VERY least, if you decide not to use it, to pay them for their effort? The cake business is always a risk, but a local Miami cake baker was asked to produce a cake for LeBron James 27th Birthday Party and then his team of handlers went back on their deal, refused to present the baker’s cake to LeBron or give her any promotion!   My first thought it, why didn’t they TELL the baker what type of cake they wanted for LeBron!?!

We’re not in the custom cake business, and no, maybe its not the best cake we’ve ever seen, but its something they got for free – about a $3000 value  - and then slapped her in the face!  At the VERY least they should offer to pay the baker the value of the cake… and no, a lot more goes into a cake than flour and egg, as I’m sure you’re all aware!   The retail value is $3000.

I will agree that it’s not LeBron’s fault, per se, but you can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep.   Do we think LeBron would have actually spruned this cake?   I’m pretty sure HE can afford to pay her for it, regardless.

Check out the original article on the Miami Herald where you can also see the cake they replaced it with.  I’m still not thrilled.

(article by: Jose Lambiet, photo credit: Mike Jachles)

That takes the cake!  - Joe