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Top Cake Maker: A Profile of Amanda Oakleaf

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Amanda Oakleaf is an artist– but our favorite kind of an artist– a cake artist! Can you think of something better than an object that is both beautiful and delicious? Nope, neither can we.


Starting out making cakes as a part time job, she has since developed the cake line into a widely popular business in Winthrop MA (close to Boston) and will be opening a storefront on April 17th. Why is she so popular? We think it probably has to do with the true artistry of her cakes. That and she makes everything including the fondant from scratch ( a secret marshmallow based recipe!). It comes as no surprise that Miss Oakleaf spent years studying oil painting and fine art, both privately and at acclaimed art institutions such as the Massachusetts College of Art & Design.

As the Boston Herald reported: Oakleaf developed a product that she believes is so different from what is readily available that she has little competition. She sits with each customer to discuss the event and the design of the cake. She can match the invitations, the decor or the theme of the party. The special service isn’t cheap. The cake will cost more than one chosen off the shelf, but it will be unique.

What do you think of these unique cakes? Do you know of other great cake creators out there? Every Monday we will feature someone new so please send along your suggestions!