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Hello, Birthdays

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Do you know that John Stamos, Bill Clinton, Peter Gallagher, LeAnn Womack and Kyra Sedgwick were all born today? Who do you think is most deserving of a Bake Me A Wish birthday gift?

An Interview With Bake Me A Wish

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Web and You Interview: Bake Me A Wish

bmw_120Last week I had the opportunity to talk with Joseph Dornoff, Vice President of Marketing and Operations at Bake Me A Wish.  Bake Me A Wish provides gift delivery service to anywhere in the United States, their primary product being delicious gourmet cakes that make even the most strong-willed person salivate in anticipation.  It specializes, however in deliveries to soldiers serving overseas in an effort to bring a little comfort food to those young men and women serving their country.

Joseph is a dynamic individual, eager to tell the story of Bake Me A Wish and share it with as many people as possible.  Though he can easily be described as a marketing expert, he exudes a personality that welcomes you as you sit to have a conversation.  It’s easily communicated throughout this conversation, and I welcome you to read on — he provides a great deal of information on his successful approach that can be applied anywhere.

Avelient: What do you do?

Dornoff: I’m the VP of Marketing & Operations for Bake Me A Wish, LLC… basically in charge of making sure the company runs smoothly soup to nuts, whether that be packaging, shipping, advertising.. you name it.

Avelient: How long has your company been around?

Dornoff: BMAW, LLC originally started as a corporate gifting company for Loyalty and Appreciation programs in early 2005. Since then, our reach has expanded to the online consumer ( launched in april 2006), and has made great strides in elevating its brand awareness as an online shopping portal and the National Gift Cake provider.

Avelient: What about your business makes you unique in your space?

Dornoff: There are not a lot of companies out there that will not take on the burden of shipping a perishable item. We saw a strong need for a birthday gift, particularly a cake, that could be shipped anywhere in the United States. Ultimately, we’re in the gifting business not the cake business, with birthday gifts being over 70% of our volume. But no one else does gourmet cakes like we do, packaged the way we do, with the amenities we have… that’s a major value proposition.