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Win a Magic Bar Brownie Cake!

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Heather over at SweetDeals4Moms served our Magic Bar Brownie cake to her son’s birthday and gave us a great review! We’re giving away a Magic Bar cake to one of her lucky readers – read on and click the link below to enter!

“Bake Me A Wish specializes in gourmet gift cakes and let me tell you, the Magic Bar Brownie was just that! When it was time to try the tasty treat, we were all delighted with the rich, sweet flavor. The texture was awesome with the semi-sweet and butterscotch morsels and coconut. Oh my. I am having a chocolatey flashback just talking about it. The Magic Bar Brownie also looks as good as it tastes. It came decorated with a chocolate “Happy Birthday” topper on it. My son was thrilled that he got to eat the pretty decoration.

The people at Bake Me A Wish are true professionals and have their timing down. In our case, the cake arrived the day before my son’s birthday. It was a truly impressive experience to say the least. Bake Me A Wish is invited to all of my birthday parties indefinitely.”