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Monday, October 12th, 2009

New York, NY, October 8th 2009 – Angela Logan, a.k.a. “The Mortgage Apple Cake Lady,” together with popular national online gourmet cake store, Bake Me a Wish!™ ( announces that five percent of all proceeds from the sale of Angela’s now famous Mortgage Apple Cake will go to GreenPath Debt Solutions ( This nationwide non-profit consumer credit counseling service has been helping people resolve financial problems, achieve financial goals and get relief from debt since 1961.

In the summer of 2009, when 56 year old mother and commercial actor/model Angela Logan was faced with foreclosure on her Teaneck, New Jersey home of 20 years, she turned a much-loved apple cake recipe into a moneymaker. Her story struck a chord with people all over the world. After local and then national media shared her story, Angela was left with more orders than she could possibly fill and deliver. That’s when New York-based Bake Me a Wish!, a company known for its charitable outreach, came to her rescue baking and shipping her cakes. Logan has since trademarked her signature cake and signed a two-year licensing agreement with Bake Me a Wish! She has emerged from foreclosure in a very sweet way, and is now paying it forward.

“People really rallied behind me and helped me when I needed it most, so I really want to pay it forward and let my cakes help others. The big lesson I learned through my ordeal is that there is no shame admitting there is a problem and then asking for help. Help is truly out there.”

Logan, who worked with a credit advisor, realized how important it is to have a credible expert guide you through a complex process. “There are a lot of scams out there targeting people when they are at their weakest. I was fortunate to find a credit counselor in New Jersey to help me. Since GreenPath has been around on the national level since 1961 with a proven track record, I wanted to get involved and raise awareness.” Her original motto carries over – Stop Foreclosure One Cake at a Time.

The statistics are startling. GreenPath has seen the number of mortgage delinquency counseling sessions grow 450 percent in the past two years. In 2007, GreenPath counseled close to 7,000 consumers compared to 38,000 consumers so far in 2009, and the year isn’t over – the company will most likely exceed 50,000.

“When we learned of what Angela had gone through, what she did to save her home and how her story resonated with others, we were happy to learn she wanted to help GreenPath in its mission. We appreciate Angela Logan and Josh Kaye, founder of Bake Me a Wish! for their commitment to helping others in need,” said Jane McNamara, President and CEO of GreenPath.

Bake Me a Wish! is always looking for ways to get people involved in giving back. Since 2006, they have sent thousands of cakes to American soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan via another charitable effort called Operation: Birthday Cake. “Aligning with GreenPath through charitable donation is a phenomenal opportunity for our company to assist more Americans in need of sound financial advice and assistance, especially in these harsh economic times. Helping others is what it is all about,” said Josh Kaye, President of Bake Me a Wish!

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GreenPath Debt Solutions, a nationwide nonprofit consumer credit counseling service, has been helping people resolve financial problems and achieve goals through financial counseling, debt management and education since 1961. Headquartered in Farmington Hills, Mich., GreenPath operates 37 full-time branch offices in Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Arizona and delivers licensed services throughout most of the United States over the Internet and telephone. More company information is available at


Angela and Bake Me A Wish appear on

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Paula Deen, Debbi Fields…and now, Angela Logan.

These are the women who have turned bad situations into very lucrative ones with some sugar and flour. And in Angela’s case, it also saved her house.

Here’s the story: Angela Logan was facing foreclosure on her New Jersey home after a series of unfortunate events created the perfect storm for her to fall behind on her mortgage payments (storm damage, an unscrupulous contractor and the collapse of an agency that owed her thousands…and took it with them). But after draining her accounts and those of her son and boyfriend, she still couldn’t make the payments. So, she turned to an old family recipe for apple cake…and it saved the day.


Angela’s Story on CNN

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Find your talent and figure out how you can help yourself in this recession. GREAT video from CNN:

This Old House Features Angela & Bake Me A Wish

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

August 3, 2009
Posted by Natalie Rodriguez

…But I’m personally most impressed by the hustle of cash-strapped Teaneck, New Jersey resident Angela Logan, who started baking “Mortgage Apple Cakes” or MACs and selling them for $40 a pop to pay her $2,559.54 mortgage payment so she could keep her house.

Angela managed to snag a corner in the kitchen of Hasbrouck Heights Hilton hotel to do her cooking, and now she’s selling her confections nationwide through Bake Me a Wish. She’s already received more than the necessary 100 orders to pay off that month’s due, and she’s planning on continue to bake and sell her cakes for as long as possible. Now that’s some creative D-I-Y if you ask me…

Click here to read the article.

Home Sweet Home: How Angela Logan Saved Her House By Baking

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Wendy L. Wilson; courtesy of

After a bad storm last December caused serious damage to her home in Teaneck, New Jersey, things for Angela Logan went from bad to worse. The contractor she hired ended up causing even more damage to her house, forcing Logan to pay $50,000 in repairs and leaving her house unfinished. The modeling agency that hired Logan went belly up without paying her several thousands of dollars for jobs she had already completed. That’s when her mortgage payments started to go downhill. Next thing the 55-year-old actress/model knew she was close to losing the house she has lived in for the last 20 years to foreclosure. That’s when she decided to set a goal and bake her way out of her financial problems. Logan was able to raise enough money to make her mortgage payments and may have even found a new calling through this experience. She spoke to about how she used her famous Mortgage Apple Cakes to save her from imminent foreclosure, who helped her get the word out and what she hopes other people will learn from her story.

ESSENCE.COM: How did you come up with the idea to sell cakes to help raise the money you needed?
ANGELA LOGAN: I met with a credit counselor who told me about a refinancing program called Making Homes Affordable. I signed up for it but it took at least three months to get a response from them. Once we did, they said, okay, now you have to make the first payment. This program was going to significantly decrease my mortgage but in order to get it I had to pay off all my bills and make three mortgage payments for the rest of the year. I had to find a way to get that money. So, I made a plan. I was going bake and sell 100 cakes at $40 per cake in 10 days.


Mortgage Cake Baker Partners with Online Cake Seller

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Angela Logan and her “mortgage apple cake” have hit the big time.

The Teaneck actress, who two weeks ago began baking apples cakes for friends in an effort to stave off foreclosure — and then was overwhelmed with orders for the $40 confection after a Record article ignited a media storm — is now partnering with an online seller of special-occasion cakes.

Logan has signed a contract with that will allow her to use the company’s baking plant on Long Island to fill her backlog of hundreds of cake orders. BakeMeAWish employees will prepare the cakes under Logan’s direct supervision, and the privately held company will handle shipment, said BakeMeAWish founder and President Josh Kaye.

Logan, who was planning to visit a FedEx office Thursday to send off a crucial $2,559.94 check to her lender, currently is baking at the Hasbrouck Heights Hilton hotel, which offered a corner of its kitchen last weekend. The apple cake operation will move to Long Island as early as next week.

After Logan fills her pending cake orders, which are coming in from around the world, she will continue a business relationship with BakeMeAWish, said Kaye, who founded the company in 2004.

Kaye said mortgage apple cake eventually will become part of the company’s product line — the Web site was taking orders for it Thursday — and that proceeds from its sale will help other homeowners in financial distress.