Wacky and Fun July Holidays

Mark these on the calendar!

July 9, 2019, 11:13 am

All year there are so many wacky holidays that people love to celebrate. This month is no different! We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites that we’ll be taking part in.

All Month Long!

It makes complete sense that July is National Ice Cream Month. It’s sweltering outside and the air conditioner is cranked all the way up. An ice cream cone is a great way to beat the heat. A delicious scoop of your favorite flavor helps you forget all your worries. This year celebrate this important month by kicking it up a notch and pairing your flavor of choice with a slice of cake. Cake with ice cream is a refreshing combination for these hot summer days.  

7/9 National Sugar Cookie Day

               Step aside chocolate chip – it’s sugar’s time to shine. This underrated cookie gets some attention on July 9th. Oatmeal raisin cookie never had a chance.

7/17 National Emoji Day

One of our favorite days! Everyone has an emoji they use way too much – we’re in love with the cake and cookie emojis. We’ll be embracing the day by using as many emojis as possible…and consuming as many cookies as possible.

7/21 National Junk Food Day

               We’re big fans of cake. Cake for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. Whether as a snack or as a main meal, we’ll take it. National Junk Food Day is a day we can celebrate our love for the rich dessert. Send a cake to your friend who has a sweet tooth.  

7/28 National Parents’ Day 

               Your parents have done a lot for you, and this day is all for them! Have a cake delivered right to their door to thank them for everything they have put up with. 

7/30 National Cheesecake Day

               We wish every day was National Cheesecake Day! Whether you are a fan of chocolate cheesecake (check out our Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake), or love a good Cookies and Cream Cheesecake, we have it all! Our tempting Vesuvius Cake  is a crowd pleaser that people will never forget.

7/31 National Raspberry Cake Day

               It’s hard to pick just one flavor of our coffee cakes, but for National Raspberry Cake Day we have no choice but to choose raspberry. If you’re a berry fan, this one’s for you! You’ll be berry glad you ordered one.  

Cookies and Cream Cheesecake



Vesuvius Cake