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Funny Kids Contest » elizabethwillis

Funny Face

Funny Face

187 Responses to “elizabethwillis”

  1. Emily Robison Says:

    What a cutie!! I VOTE FOR THIS ONE!!!

  2. Neil Robison Says:

    Put in my vote for this one, Emma is one funny girl!

  3. Christine Satko Says:

    Love this little girl!! I vote for her too!!

  4. Tonya Bigelow Says:

    How cute!!! I vote for Emma!! Love those big eyes!! Looks a little like trouble too!!! She is a cutie!!!

  5. Debbie Says:

    She is adorable! What a beautiful girl & I think she should win!

  6. jeana rankin Says:

    sill face.

  7. Jan Johnson Says:

    The little girl is a hoot!! I vote for her.

  8. Deborah Nowland Says:

    Elizabeth should begin with a capital T for Trouble! She is darling and gets my vote!

  9. Marcia RIco Says:

    THis little girl gets my vote….she is just cute. Sounds like she is a mischevious little girl…Go Elizabeth!

  10. Cheryl Says:

    My vote is for Elzabeth Willis, she sure is a beautiful little girl, looks like she is a happy child.

  11. Beth Willis Says:

    Emma is so silly! She gets my vote!!

  12. Sandy S Says:

    Emma gets my vote!

  13. Josh Willis Says:

    I have the cutest daughter! She gets my vote!!

  14. Michelle Willis Says:

    I vote for this picture.

  15. Shannon Willis Says:

    Emma is so funny!!

  16. Adrian Says:

    funny picture of Emma!

  17. Vicki Bright Says:

    What a darling!

  18. Laura Says:

    So cute! I love you Emma!

  19. Brian Says:

    I think you are a crazy little girl. I love you.

  20. Mike Satko Says:

    I vote for Emma. She is one funny kid

  21. Allison Satko Says:

    Haha I love this picture of Emma!

  22. Laura Says:

    I love this picture!

  23. Brian Says:

    Great picture!

  24. Joneel Says:

    That’s such a sweet little funny face

  25. becca Says:

    i vote for this one! Emma’s so cute!

  26. becca Says:

    adorable! i vote for this one!

  27. Bob Satko Says:

    Vote for Emma she ROCKS!

  28. Renee Ransom Says:

    Whatever it is she is looking at it must be interesting.

  29. Kim Says:

    LOL, it looks like Emma is trying really hard to look at her pigtails, love this pic!

  30. gina Says:

    I vote for this one!

    Wish I had known about this contest earlier – i would have entered!! I’m DYING to try your red velvet cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Stacie Says:

    Very cute! I vote this one!

  32. Hannah Willis Says:

    So cute! She gets my vote.

  33. Emma Says:

    How funny! I vote for this one.

  34. Nanette Says:

    Emma is one cute girl. I vote for her!

  35. Inger Hegyessy Says:

    She reminds me on me as young. A little bit of Pippi Longstockings.

  36. Barry R. Says:

    Cutie Patootie, this one gets my vote.

  37. Lene Says:

    Thought of the mischevious Pippi Longstocking when I saw this picture. I just had to vote for her..cute cute cute

  38. Jan Says:

    adorable! She gets my vote!

  39. Laurel Says:

    What a cutie! She has my vote.

  40. Jett Thompson Says:

    I vote for her.

  41. Koko C Says:

    I think this little girl should win!

  42. Terry Says:

    Funny and cute! What a combination. Elizabeth gets my vote.

  43. Heidi Says:

    So funny! I vote for Emma!

  44. Kylie Says:

    Emma has my vote! Go Emma.

  45. Staci Says:

    This is such a cute picture. Emma gets my vote.

  46. Sue Anderson Says:

    Emma for me!

  47. Grandma Freckles Says:

    Very Cute ! ! !

  48. Debbie Pixton Says:

    Her eyes say “Grownups just don’t get it!” Look out grandma this cutie has an attitude. What a fun ride she will take you on.
    I vote for her.

  49. Adrianne Says:

    She looks so cute! I’ll vote for her!

  50. Karen Wheiler Says:

    Such a cutie!!!

  51. Craig Says:

    hahahahaha Emma rocks!!!

  52. Crystal Says:

    SO CUTE!! I’ll put my vote in for her!

  53. Sharon Says:

    She gets my vote!

  54. Kary Says:

    Love her!

  55. Barbara Willis Says:

    What a cutie!!!!! She gets my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Bob Says:

    Haha, love it.

  57. John Willis Says:

    she’s the best.

  58. Shannon Miller Says:

    She’s adorable!!!! She gets my vote.

  59. Mara Says:

    This is so cute!! I vote for her of course! :)

  60. Beatriz Campbell Says:

    I thing this little girl is so beautiful, make to everyone happy.
    I vote for her,she is cute

  61. Beatriz Campbell Says:

    Go!!Go beautiful Elizabeth, You are the one cute

  62. Lisa geddes Says:

    cutie pie!!

  63. Scuba Steve Says:

    Cuteness deserves my vote!

  64. Christina Says:

    Emma is awesome!

  65. Whitney Says:

    Funny girl!!! Love this picture!

  66. Adrianne Says:

    I love it! What do you think she’s looking at?

  67. Caleb Says:

    My vote goes to Emma!

  68. Kevin Says:

    This one gets my vote!

  69. Carol Says:

    Cutest little girl ever!

  70. Michelle Says:

    I vote for Emma!

  71. Peggy Campbell Says:

    What a cutie! She gets my vote!

  72. Peggy Campbell Says:

    I vote for Emma!

  73. Jill Says:

    So cute!

  74. Tammy Says:

    So Cute! I love that expression. Makes you want to hug her! :)

  75. paul Says:

    got my vote

  76. Tosha Says:

    My vote is for Emma!!

  77. Angie Says:

    This is such a cute picture! It gets my vote

  78. Julie Says:

    This cute one gets my vote!!

  79. Brandon Says:

    I vote for this one!

  80. Jane Says:

    Darling photo

  81. Alli Says:

    She gets my vote!!! Soo cute!!

  82. Nancy Gaul Says:

    Very Cute – gets my vote

  83. Christin Says:

    Emma better win!

  84. Michelle Pixton Says:

    Adorable with an attitude.
    She has to be the winner.

  85. Nancy Gaul Says:

    Very Cute – strong survivor type.

  86. MIssy Says:

    Emma gets my vote!

  87. Madi Says:

    Emma rocks!

  88. AnJanette Kibby Says:

    Look out world she is on her way.
    I vote for this one.

  89. Allison Says:

    I vote for Emma!

  90. MIssy Says:

    I vote for emma!

  91. gerry Says:

    Emma is the silliest great granddaughter I have. Love this picture

  92. Jasmine Says:

    Emma gets my vote!

  93. Madi Says:

    emma rules!

  94. Jamedith Says:

    I am voting for Emma!

  95. Shari Says:

    Emma is crazy!

  96. Rikki Says:

    this is cute!

  97. Rachel P. Says:

    I love this picture!

  98. Rachel C. Says:

    this is such a cute picture!

  99. Paige Says:

    i want emma to win!

  100. Marilyn Says:

    She’s so cute, she has my vote!

  101. Miranda Says:

    aww this is cute!

  102. Lindsey Says:

    Emma is the funniest little girl!

  103. Lauren Says:

    this is awesome!

  104. Lani Says:

    Such a cool picture!

  105. Kennie Says:

    i vote for emma!

  106. jay Says:

    she has my vote

  107. Kaylee Says:

    wow thats a sweet picture!

  108. Janet Gerla Says:

    Vote for Emma!

  109. Katie Jo Says:

    awesome picture!

  110. Jade Says:

    i love emma!

  111. Jade Says:

    emma gets my vote

  112. Darren Says:

    My vote is for tihs one

  113. jan Says:

    here’s my vote for her

  114. Haleigh Says:

    what a sweet picture!

  115. Lexi Says:

    Emma is awesome!

  116. Nate Says:

    Emma gets my vote

  117. Megan Says:

    I love this picture of Emma!

  118. Erin Says:

    I vote for Emma!

  119. Emily Says:

    She is a cutie!

  120. scott Says:

    cute girl, she had me vote.

  121. missy Says:

    emma is awesome!

  122. Brian Says:

    Go Emma!

  123. Konrad Says:

    this is cool!

  124. Camille Says:

    I am voting for Emma!

  125. Cody Says:

    I vote for Emma!

  126. AJ Says:

    I vote for Emma!

  127. Alissa Says:

    How funny!

  128. Allie R Says:

    My vote is for Emma- she’s funny!

  129. Angela Says:

    Cute, she gets my vote!

  130. Brittany Says:

    My vote is for Emma

  131. Chalise Says:

    Funny girl!

  132. Christian Says:

    This girl is funny!

  133. Mike Says:

    Emma gets my vote

  134. Dan Says:

    What a funny girl she has my vote!

  135. Dan Says:


  136. Michael Says:

    Emma rocks

  137. Eli Says:

    This is too funny not to vote for!

  138. Carol Says:

    She is a cutie!

  139. Belle Says:

    aww cute pic!

  140. Melanie Says:

    I vote for Emma!

  141. Nan Says:

    Go Emma! My vote is for you.

  142. Lynette Says:

    She gets my vote.

  143. Robert Says:

    I am casting a vote for Emma

  144. Matt Says:

    I am voting for Emma!

  145. Haliegh Says:

    She’s so cute! my vote is for Emma

  146. Hannah M Says:

    She needs to win a cake- she’s so funny!

  147. Heidi Says:

    Go Emma!

  148. Jordan Says:

    What a funny kid!

  149. Kara Says:

    This girl cracks me up- her eyes are all crazy!

  150. Brian Says:

    I am voting for Emma

  151. Kaylee Says:

    What a funny kid- her facial expression makes me laugh!

  152. Kennie Says:

    Funny girl gets my vote!

  153. Lani Says:

    Silly girl!

  154. David Says:

    My vote is for Emma

  155. Garnet Says:

    I would like to vote for the sweet little Elizabeth

  156. Jen Says:

    Emma cracks me up so much! She has my vote.

  157. Nate Says:

    I vote for Emma! she is a cutie

  158. Cassie Says:

    What a silly girl, I’m voting for her!

  159. Suzanne Says:

    This girl is hilarious! She has my vote.

  160. Brittany H Says:


  161. Jane Says:

    I’m voting for this one!

  162. Debbi Says:

    What a funny girl.

  163. Jonni Says:

    Emma is too cute!

  164. Erik Says:

    What a funny kid gets my vote for sure.

  165. Mary Says:

    This picture is great!

  166. Ari Anna Says:

    She is so funny and cute! She totally has my vote

  167. Camilla Says:

    This picture is just too cute and so funny!

  168. Brynna Says:

    What a cutie! She gets my vote!

  169. Dana Says:

    Emma you are funny all the time!

  170. Billy Willis Says:

    I vote Emma!! She really is crazy.

  171. Leslie Says:

    Omigoodness, Emma is sooooo darling! I vote for her!

  172. beth Says:


  173. Kim Prine Says:

    She’s so cute! I vote for her!

  174. Laurel Says:

    hope you win

  175. Jared Johnson Says:

    I vote for Elizabeth’s photo of Emma.

  176. Janet J. Johnson Says:

    The photo of Emma is the one I vote for!

  177. Charlene Whitehurst Says:

    Love little Emma! What is she thinking? Darling!

  178. Becky Says:

    She is Darling! I vote for her!

  179. George Nowland Says:

    Little Emma is “the bomb”!

  180. Leslie Jensen Says:

    What a cutie! I vote for her too!!!

  181. Lynnette Says:

    I vote for her!

  182. Judy Wood Says:

    She is soooo cute!!! I want to vote for Lizzy all the way!!!

  183. Bob says Says:

    Voting for Elizabeth Willis!!! So adorable!!

  184. Bob says Says:

    My vote is for Lizzy all the way!!!

  185. MaNizzle Says:

    This kid is AWESOME!!! Must have a pretty spectacular family too! (-;

  186. Vicki Bright Says:

    She’s got my vote!

  187. clueless Mama Says:

    What a cute little girl with a fun personality:) Good Luck

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