New! The Ultimate Tres Leches Cake

Triple the milk = triple the fun

August 2, 2019, 9:36 am

Here at Bake Me A Wish!, we pride ourselves on having a wide variety of flavors and bakery gifts for every taste and occasion. We have now expanded our selection even more and are happy to formally announce we have launched a NEW Tres Leches Cake!

This beloved Latin American dessert gets its name from the three kinds of milk used in it. Tres leches literally translates to “three milks”. The origin of this treat has been attributed to Mexico and parts of Central America. One legend is that an early recipe of this dessert originated in Mexico and consisted of a bread cake that had been soaked in wine then finished with custard. There was a heavy European influence in Mexico at the time, and this was a spin on classic European desserts. Nestle then set up business in Mexico during World War II and put a tres leches recipe on the side of their milk products. This increased the popularity of tres leches, and the rest is history!

Our version has yellow cake layers and features a delectable three-milk frosting. The cake is then dusted with cocoa powder and decorated with white chocolate curls. This is unlike any other cake flavor on our website – surprise your loved one with something new! Send this as a birthday cake for a sweet surprise. This over-the-top treat is triple the fun.

If you’re looking for a unique cake for a special occasion, be sure to order a Tres Leches Cake for delivery!

Tres Leches Cake