Delicious Anniversary Gifts Delivered

Delicious Anniversary Gifts Delivered

Ringing in another year together should be a time of celebration and elation. What better was to enjoy this wonderful moment then with a bit of sweet indulgence. Send an anniversary cake today - guaranteed on time!

There is love in every day, but there are a few days of the year that specifically focus on everything love and romance. Many people have a very special romantic day they celebrate- their anniversary! An anniversary is a milestone. The day is a chance to look back on the previous year and remember the time you have spent together. It is an annual reminder of your love for one another - and a perfect time to send a delicious anniversary cake from Bake Me A Wish!

You don't have to wait a whole year for an important anniversary. Some couples may choose to celebrate a one-month anniversary, or a six-month anniversary. They might recognize a first kiss, the very first date, or the day they got engaged. All of these moments are important and can turn an ordinary day into something meaningful. Through the highs and lows, any anniversary allows people to look back on their relationship and think back on all they have been through. A lot happens in the course of a relationship, good and bad. It is nice to reflect on the good times and remember the reason you got married in the first place.

An anniversary cake can be a tradition. An anniversary is a perfect marker to reflect on the year while also looking forward to what the next one will bring. Love that lasts a lifetime is hard to find, and if you're lucky a marriage lasts many years. Some anniversaries are extra meaningful and have traditions that go along with them. After 25 years, a couple celebrates their silver anniversary. This started in medieval Germany, where wives would receive a silver wreath as a gift. Years later, the 50th anniversary would be honored with a gold wreath. This was meant to symbolize harmony. It is still known as the golden anniversary today.

It is considered quite an accomplishment to make it to fifty years, but the festivities don't end there. Ten years after the golden anniversary is considered the diamond anniversary. Celebrating sixty years together with a diamond was influenced heavily by Queen Victoria. After sixty years of ruling, she had her diamond jubilee event. It then became popular to present your wife with a piece of diamond jewelry. The word diamond comes from the Greek word "adamus", which meant enduring. The idea is that after all those years your love is enduring. Diamonds have a lot of meaning behind them. Many people propose with a diamond ring to symbolize eternal love. A popular saying is a diamond is forever, and in many cases it is.

In similar fashion, the 70th symbolizes platinum: which by now your marriage is as strong as. Platinum is extremely durable. For marriages that have withstood the test of time, an anniversary means a lot. These traditions have been around for years and it is customary for couples to go along with the theme. The first fifteen years have a theme, and then it tapers off to every five years. Whether you follow every theme or not, it doesn't make the anniversary any less important. Couples may choose to make their own traditions and honor their anniversary in their own way.

The years together may pass quickly, but the memories last forever. When words aren't enough, let a dessert do the talking. Be sure to have an anniversary cake from Bake Me A Wish! as part of those memories. Your parents would be grateful to receive an anniversary cake from you. They would appreciate the heartfelt gesture and might even send you one on your special day. On your own anniversary, send a cake to your significant other as a surprise. It can be something they look forward to year after year. A cake that says Happy Anniversary is a sweet way for friends and family to mark the occasion.