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Cheesecake Delivery

Delicious, creamy, hand-made cheesecakes delivered right to their door. Order from a variety of flavors and send a delicious cheesecake gift to a loved one today! Each cheesecake arrives in an elegant gift box and will wow your friends and family on their birthday, holiday, or just because!

Cheesecakes are usually creamy, rich, and decadent, and the ones from Bake Me A Wish! are no exception! We have many kinds, whether you're in the mood for a chocolate creation or a piece of classic New York cheesecake. You are sure to find an option that everyone will want to try. A cheesecake is a perfect bakery gift for the holidays. You can even send one as a birthday treat. Send a cheesecake to a loved one who could use an extra boost. A cheesecake dleivery will make their day.

Cheesecake is not a new dessert. The origin of cheesecake can be traced back to ancient Greece, where it was most likely given to athletes before the first Olympic games to give them energy. It is believed they were served at weddings as well. These cakes looked a little different back then. They consisted of flour, wheat, honey and cheese. The Romans then had a hand in spreading the recipe throughout Europe, where many variations of the recipe emerged. The cheesecakes would usually be topped with nuts and fruit and reserved for special occasions.

Cheesecake today generally consists of milk, eggs, sugar, salt, and vanilla. Toppings and other flavors can then be added to this base. The world has William Lawrence to thank for cream cheese, a popular cheesecake ingredient. It was invented in New York in 1872. He then sold his recipe to Kraft, who renamed it Philadelphia Cream Cheese. This was marketed as an easy way to make cheesecake. Putting the recipe on the wrapper helped increase the popularity of cheesecake in the U.S.

Anyone would be thrilled to receive a cheesecake in the mail. Shipping a cake is a task we have perfected. Our cheesecakes are shipped in refrigerated packaging to keep them at the proper temperature. Your cheesecake delivery will arrive to your recipient fresh and ready to enjoy. We realize that shipping any type of bakery gift requires extra care. We receive many reviews not only about how our cakes taste, but how they ship. Customers have commented that their item was "packaged beautifully" and "arrived in perfect condition". We appreciate these reviews and strive for total customer satisfaction. If in any way you are not 100% satisfied with your cheesecake delivery, please call us at 888-987-9474 or email us at customercare@bakemeawish.com.