Operation: Birthday Cake

If you have a deployed military service member to whom you'd like to send a gift cake, please make a selection from the items below. 5% of your order will also be contributed to Bake Me A Wish!’s Operation: Birthday Cake program which, with our partner Soldiers’ Angels, donates birthday cakes each month to our valued service men and women overseas.

Frosted cakes CANNOT be sent overseas due to the length of time required for arrival of your gift.

Dear Bake Me a Wish,

I received a delicious chocolate confection courtesy of Mr Kevin Novay: your organization! It arrived just in time for me to share with my battle buddies as we celebrated a birthday in Afghanistan! Thank you so much for supporting our troops in such a unique and special way. It means more than you'll ever know!

I'm from North Dakota. I'm in the Army National Guard. I've been in Afghanistan since Feb. I'll return home in November. I'm a civilian nurse, I'm married. I have 3 dogs, 1 cat at home. I visited New York for the first time in December (my last trip before deploying ☺) and it was everything I dreamed it would be! I can't wait to visit again! I work in logistics (supply). I'm an officer and my unit makes sure that the entire country of troops gets their food, fuel, ammunition, repair parts - so we are very busy!

Thank you again for your generous gift and your support - you make me proud to answer our Nation's call!


     Moranda Iverson