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Bake Me A Wish! has the unique ability to create your next gift from scratch! Select from our delicious array of bakery items that can be packaged into a customized container. Tins? No problems! Towers? What size do you need!? Custom branded box? That’s why we’re here! We can create any type of packaging you need right down to the flavors in your gift. Let our delicious foods be the stepping stone to your unique and amazing gift.

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  • Customized Baked Goods
  • Custom Packaging Options
  • Personalized Greeting Cards
  • Branding Options For Small and Large Sized Companies
  • Easy Ordering
  • Bulk Order Upload and Account Visibility

Solid Gold Bakery Tower

Empire State Bakery Crate

NEW! Mother's Day Boutique Tower

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Looking to send a unique corporate gift? Want to send a one of a kind gift that makes an impact? It's easy to order a custom business gift with Bake Me A Wish! We will work with you to come up with a gift that suits your taste and budget. Whether you want to send a corporate gift basket or custom bakery gift tower, we can help. Our gifting experts are full of ideas for custom business gifts that will help you stand out from the crowd. Send gift baskets that are delicious (and memorable). A bakery gift tower is ideal for when you want to make a statement. Our gifts can even be branded with your company logo. Customers and employees alike will appreciate that you thought of them. You don't want your holiday corporate gift to look like all of the others. We know you don't want your gift to get lost in the shuffle, and work with you to ensure that doesn't happen.

Sending corporate gifts to customers is a great retention tool. A bakery gift that is customized with your company logo will put your company at the forefront of their mind. Branded packaging and add-ons like custom ribbon and decals will show that a lot of thought went into the gift. We also offer custom greeting cards, which can even feature your logo. If you would like to work with past customers in the future, a custom gift can help them remember you. Sending a thoughtful business gift can create a positive memory that may pay off in the future. A custom corporate gift from your company is unforgettable.

Send corporate gifts to your employees as well as your customers. Showing appreciation for your employees is a major reason to send a corporate gift. Your employees keep your company running smoothly and are vital to company success. They're such an essential part of day to day operations. Your employees would love to receive a corporate gift delivery. It would show them that their efforts are recognized. It is always a nice gesture to show employees that they are valued and appreciated. A gift basket is a welcome pick me up to show someone that they are important. A cake delivery for their birthday is sure to impress as well.

Send corporate gifts that leave a lasting impression. You can choose which bakery items you would like in your food gift. A unique gift basket with an assortment of treats makes a great corporate food gift. This is great as a holiday business gift or for a special occasion such as their birthday. With custom packaging options, your brand will be elegantly displayed. We have many years of experience creating custom gifts for companies. Our business gifts are always a hit and go a long way with employee satisfaction and customer appreciation. Create your own unique gift with our team of experts!