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Gourmet Brownie Delivery

Bake Me A Wish! is proud to present the finest in gourmet brownies delivered right to your loved ones door. From our assorted gourmet set to delicious brownie cakes, we have something for every brownie lover! Each set of brownie gift is delivered in an elegant gift box and includes a greeting card with your personal message!

For the chocoholic in your life, brownies are always a good choice. A chocolate fan would love to receive an assortment of brownies they can snack on for days. They would enjoy the different flavors such as peanut butter crunch and chocolate truffle. A brownie fan would never get tired of all of the variations we offer. Brownie cakes are also popular at Bake Me A Wish. One bite of the dense, rich brownie cake and your recipient will be hooked. Brownie cakes come in flavors such as cookies and cream and triple chocolate. We even have a decadent brownie cheesecake for someone who is a cheesecake fan. We have many delicious options to choose from, and you can't go wrong with a brownie delivery.

A brownie is a great snack for someone who can't live without chocolate. The history of the brownie is an interesting story. Some people believe that brownies were actually created by accident when a chef forgot to add baking powder to a chocolate cake. Others see this as nothing but a myth. It is credited to other bakers as well, but brownies rose to popularity when the Sears Roebuck catalog published a recipe for them in 1897. As a result of this, the dessert became more commonplace and sparked many other recipes. Today, there are different kinds of brownies for every taste.

A package of brownies is a delivery no one wants to miss. A brownie delivery turns any day into a memorable one. Shipping brownies is a task that must be handled with care. We want them to be delivered safely so your loved one can have the best day ever. We take measures to ensure that happens. The brownies are always shipped securely in a sturdy, festive gift box. All our brownies are individually wrapped, so they will get to your recipient in perfect condition. They'll be ready to enjoy upon receiving.

Organizing brownie delivery for a special occasion is not a responsibility we take lightly. At Bake Me A Wish! we do everything we can for 100% customer satisfaction. We want to hear from you. Please call 888-987-9474 or email at customercare@bakemeawish.com.