Bakery Combination Gifts

Bakery Combination Gifts

Mix and match your own creations with our versatile bakery combos! From cake combinations, to cookies and brownie delivery combinations, make your gift extra special and save on shipping with one big gift! Each bakery combo includes the greeting card of your choice and elegant gift packaging.

Choosing the perfect bakery gift can be a daunting task. When you aren't sure what bakery gift your recipient will be pleased with, send a little of everything. We have gifts that pair a cake with an assortment of cookies or selection of brownies. You can even send both cookies and brownies so your loved one can have the best of both worlds. If they deserve cookies, brownies, and a cake, we have a special gift that has all three! With the Ultimate Bakery Gift they'll be able to try everything. They're worth it: send them everything.

A birthday is always cause for celebration! Birthdays are days where people like to consume a lot of sweets. Bake Me A Wish is here to help make their wish come true. Send them more than just a cake. If you think they'd like to try our cookies or brownies too, send those as well. The cookies and brownies are even individually wrapped, so they can easily be shared with loved ones. You can even send bakery gifts to their work so they can share with their coworkers. Everyone would be grateful for the treats.

It can be very beneficial to send an assortment of gifts to your loved ones. It is always better to have too much food than too little, especially when it comes to dessert. There can never be too much dessert. If there's an event happening where a lot of people will be attending, sending a bakery combination gift is the best option. If they're entertaining, make sure they'll have plenty of food on hand to share with friends and family. For occasions both happy and sad, make sure there is enough sweet snacks to go around.

We at Bake Me A Wish! take pride in how we ship our bakery gifts. We take steps to ensure everything is sent so your recipient will experience a nice presentation when they open the box. Everything will arrive fresh and ready to eat. Bakery gifts that require refrigeration will arrive in refrigerated packaging to keep them cold. If you have any questions as to how your order will ship, please contact us at or 888-987-9474.