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We love to hear from you! Please provide as much detail as possible with your inquiry. Your message is immediately queued into our online helpdesk and an agent will respond asap during normal business hours.

For up to the minute status on your order, please check your online account and click "View My Orders" under Recent Orders.

Did you get a Paypal Notification that says your gift is shipping to your billing address?
If so, this is a known issue with Paypal, as they will not pass recipient information through your Paypal account unless you've saved that address in Paypal. Rest assured we have the recipient info you entered at; please use our notifications for your order status!!.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens if my gift arrives damaged or late?

On-time delivery is of utmost importance to us and our delivery service provider, UPS. If you experience complications with the delivery of your order you may be eligible for a full or partial refund, store credit or overnight reshipment of a fresh gift. Contact our Customer Care Department either by phone (888-987-9474) or email ( as soon as possible so that we may investigate and offer you resolutions to any late or damaged shipments. Please be advised that we must receive notification no later than 14 days after the package is received in order to process a reship or refund.

At what time will my gift be delivered?

Residential deliveries are guaranteed to arrive by end of day, up to 9pm local time (though most deliveries do occur before then). Gifts shipping to businesses are guaranteed to arrive by 5pm local time (please note, the shipping address must include name of business, as well as a suite/floor number where applicable). Unfortunately, UPS does not offer midnight deliveries.

How do I track my package?

The evening that your package ships out you will be emailed a UPS tracking number around 6:00 PM EST.

You can also track your gift and view the details of your past and present orders, by viewing your account on our website.

Log into your account by using your email address and password on our website. Once logged in, click on 'MY ACCOUNT', 'VIEW MY ORDERS'. Click on 'TRACK' to view your gifts location through UPS.

If your item has been issued a tracking number, it will appear under the shipping info. (tracking numbers are typically issued by 6pm EST the evening your order ships out, typically 1-2 days before the scheduled delivery date.) You can click where it says 'TRACK' under the UPS tracking number, and you will be taken to the detailed UPS tracking information.

UPS will update your tracking details as soon as it has been delivered. Within approximately an hour you will receive a confirmation of delivery email.

What happens if I provide the wrong address or an address with missing information?

If you discover after your order has shipped that there is a problem with the address, we do have options.

UPS Change of Address: UPS offers a service to intercept a package that is already in transit and change or update the shipping address. There is a charge of $18 and it typically will cause a one business day delay in delivery. You must contact our Customer Care team at 888-987-9474 and provide payment details before we can make the adjustment to the address of a package in transit. Once a change of address has been made with UPS and additional transit time is imposed on our perishable gifts, we no longer guarantee the freshness of our gifts.

IMPORTANT! Bake Me A Wish! cannot be held responsible for incorrect or omitted information. Any exception received, due to missing or bad information, immediately nullifies guaranteed delivery. Apartment numbers and suites for residential and business deliveries must be included for on-time delivery. Your cake will not be delivered on time without this information! UPS Will Call: UPS offers a service to hold your package at the nearest UPS customer center for pickup. There is no charge for this service. If you request the will call on the same day delivery is due, the local UPS driver will take your package to the customer center after their route is complete. We are unable to tell you a specific time the package will be available for pick up. You must contact the local UPS customer center. We will provide you with the address and phone number of the location. A government issued photo ID is required when shipping or picking up a package at a UPS Customer Center and must match the name of the receiver on the shipping label.

Why did I get a Paypal Notification that says my gift is shipping to my billing address?

This is an issue with Paypal, as they will not pass recipient information through your Paypal account unless you've saved that address in Paypal. Rest assured we have the recipient info you entered at; please use our notifications for your order status!!