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Cookie Gift Delivery

The most delicious cookie delivery around! We send yummy flavors of cookies in all shaped in sizes. Order your cookies online and have them delivered overnight, nationwide. Each cookie gift is shipped in an elegant occasion gift box and includes a greeting card with your message. We guarantee on-time delivery!

Cookies make the perfect snack, and birthday cookies make for a great gift! Your recipient would be overjoyed to receive cookies sent right to their door, as a thank you cookie gift delivery or just because. Cookies are one of those foods where you can't eat just one. When you send cookies, if one dozen isn't enough, send two dozen! There are many different options to choose from. We offer a wide flavor arrangement of cookies to send. We have flavor options that range from classic (the always delicious chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin) to unique (try white chocolate blueberry or butter pecan). Some sets come in festive red and white boxes for an impressive presentation. You can even send an assortment in a celebratory happy birthday tin. Having cookies delivered for their birthday or other special occasion will make their day. Send the best cookie delivery today. Our cookie delivery service never disappoints.

The earliest cookie was created in the 17th century by inhabitants of the Persian empire, where sugar was abundant. A cookie can be defined as a small, flat cake. Originally, they were invented as a way to test the oven to make sure it was working properly. Small bits of cake batter would be used before the entire cake was thrown in the oven. In the Netherlands, they called this tester cake, "koekje" which means little cake. These little cakes rose to popularity as snacks on their own.

The Dutch and English brought these cookies to the U.S., where they were considered luxuries. Sugar was expensive, so cookies were not baked that often. The cookies were made for special occasions, when the cost and labor was worth it. When the price of the ingredients went down and baking soda was invented, it was easier to make them. Ovens also got fancier, so ensuring it was at the right temperature was less of a guess. With cookies becoming much easier to bake, more flavors began emerging. Snickerdoodles, butter cookies, and chocolate chip were all invented in the 19th century. They are still extremely popular today, and most likely will be for years to come.

Cookies are precious cargo, and we are careful to send cookies safely. It's an important responsibility to be trusted with assembling and delivering your cookie gift to your loved one. We take measures to ensure both you and your recipient is satisfied with it. They ship in a festive gift box, with packaging that ensures they do not move around too much while in transit. Our cookies are individually wrapped so they arrive fresh. With our online cookie delivery, all you need is milk! Bake Me A Wish! takes extra care to ensure they get to your recipient intact and ready to eat. If for some reason they do not, please email customercare@bakemeawish.com or call us at 888-987-9474. The customer comes first at Bake Me A Wish!