Send a Sympathy Gift Today!

Send a Sympathy Gift Today!

When a loved one has experienced a loss, there is little we can do but offer our comfort. Our bakery gifts are an ideal way to share your heart-felt sentiment and offer a little cheer during a difficult time.

Life is not always easy, and there are many obstacles that people have to overcome. A death in the family is incredibly horrible and is an event that no one is ever prepared for. There is nothing worse, and it can seem like the end of the world. Even something such as the death of a pet can be a very difficult time. Express your condolences with a sympathy gift. This lets them know they're on your mind and in your heart. Let them know they have your full support, and if they need anything, they can come to you. You can be a shoulder to cry on or a supportive listener. It is tough to handle emotional events alone, and no one should have to. Having a support system to help shoulder the burden is very important to have.

If you can't be there in person, it's an especially good choice to send a sympathy gift. A condolence gift should be sent to family immediately upon hearing the news. In Jewish faith, it is customary for the immediate family to sit shiva. This week-long mourning period allows them ample time to grieve and process their emotions. During shiva, they are not allowed to cook. It is up to friends and other family members to provide food for them during this time. This tradition of sitting shiva has been around for generations. In general, everyone sends food when someone passes away, not just those who are Jewish. Food helps heal all wounds.

Comfort food is a real thing, and when someone passes away, everything is done to help make it easier on the loved ones in mourning. Many of these traditions center around food. Sending food ensures that the grieving family does not have to worry about cooking or ordering food. They have other things to think about and the last thing they are concerned about is what they need to eat. It can be overwhelming for them to figure out what they are going to eat. Sending a sympathy cake or other gift expresses your condolences, while also providing them with a snack. They will be grateful you took the time to remember them.

There is not a set amount of time that people grieve for. People in mourning may remain in this stage for a great length of time. They are allowed to take as much time as they need to process and adjust to their new way of life. Food is usually the last thing on their mind. Before and after a funeral it is helpful to have a plentiful amount of food on hand for the visitors, but it is just as important for there to be enough food to last beyond that. A bakery gift can be sent before or after a viewing. Some people may even follow the custom of sending a sympathy gift on the one-year anniversary of the death, or even on all the anniversaries after that. This lets their memory live on and allows the family more time to grieve. Sending a bakery gift is a thoughtful gesture to show your compassion.

If someone you know has lost a job or just received bad news, they may be feeling unsure about what lies ahead. A tragedy or other unfortunate event has a negative effect on the people affected by it. Remind them that better days are ahead and send them comfort. Even if you can't be there in person to commiserate, show them they're in your thoughts and prayers. Remind them you're thinking about them and hope they are doing as well as can be expected. A snack can be a welcome distraction and a break from their worries. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it will get better.