When you know you hurt someone, the next step is to apologize. It is never easy to admit fault and own up to your mistakes, so let us assist. Send a coffee cake with a heartfelt greeting card expressing your emotions. A cake delivered with a thoughtful message can go a long way.

Pair your apology with one of our bakery gifts. Mistakes happen, but we can help you fix them. After a fight, it is so important to take steps to mend a relationship. Sending a sweet chocolate bakery treat can be a unique and creative way to say sorry. You can’t go wrong with such a comforting flavor.

A cake delivery may help speed up forgiveness. Make it up to them with an assortment of cookies or one of our cheesecakes. This sincerely shows you’re sorry and that you hope they can forgive you. Let us help you reconcile after a fight. Apologies have never felt so sweet.