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Banner for 10-inch Cakes and Sheet Cakes Delivered

10-inch Cakes and Sheet Cakes Delivered

Who doesn't need more cake sent to their door!?! Select from a 10-inch or quarter sheet cake delivery and personalize it!

Are you having a party? Do you need a cake to feed a hungry crowd? Our selection of big cakes includes different flavors and size options. Our 10-inch cake offerings feed 12-15 people, while our sheet cakes serve 20-24. Our 10-inch cakes are delicious versions of some of our favorite cakes, just with more to enjoy! With flavors such as carrot cake and red velvet, they'll be the hit of every event. They're ideal for family parties and get togethers. There will be plenty of cake to go around, and maybe even be leftovers.

A sheet cake is the obvious choice when it comes to feeding a large crowd. Guests can serve themselves and easily cut however big a piece they want. The name of them comes from the rectangular pan that they are baked in. These cakes are perfect for everything from a blowout bash to an office event. Finding a birthday cake for a party is easy with Bake Me A Wish! These options ensure there is enough for everybody. They come in crowd-pleasing flavors such as vanilla or chocolate, so everyone will want a piece. A sheet cake is a party cake and is great for kids. If you're unsure how many guests a cake will be expected to feed, pick the safe choice and send a sheet cake.

It's no easy feat to ship a cake and shipping a bigger cake such as a sheet cake is a whole other story. Transporting a sheet cake is something Bake Me A Wish! does well. We can easily ship one right to someone's door, keeping it safe and intact. The cake will be well-packaged and will not move around that much during its journey. The custom packaging will keep it cool and ready to enjoy. We have had many positive reviews about how we ship a cake. These reviews highlight our how our gifts are always "packaged so well" and how they are "amazed" at how we ship them. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at customercare@bakemeawish.com or call us at 888-987-9474. We are here to help in any way we can.