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Gourmet Pie Delivery

We have sweet and tasty pies that are sure to delight! These pies are a terrific way to celebrate your loved one's special occasion.

If you don't think your recipient would be thrilled to receive a cake, send a pie instead! A pie is a great alternative for a birthday cake. A fan of fruity pies would love to receive a country apple pie or bountiful blueberry pie right to their door. A chocolate mousse pie is also a great option for fans of chocolate. Pie is great for special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but can also be enjoyed year-round. Have a pie delivered to your loved one who could use a boost. Send one to someone to lift their spirits. A pie can be delivered whether you are near or far.

Pies have been around for centuries. The Romans made the first pies and published the first recipe for them. It consisted of goat cheese and honey. The food's popularity spread throughout Europe, where there were new ideas for the types of filling that should go inside them. In England they made meat pies, usually with fowl and other game such as lamb. In the 1500s, fruit pies became common. Up until then, pies were more savory than sweet.

Apple pie is a very traditional American dessert, but early recipes for it came from England. One such recipe called for ingredients such as raisins and pears. Sugar wasn't even an option, as it was pricey and hard to get. Now of course, most apple pies call for sugar, and are sweeter than they used to be. It is great to enjoy apple pie during the holiday season. Send one to family members you won't get to see. They'll be glad you thought of them. Fourth of July is also a great time to dig into a slice of apple pie.

Our pies are shipped carefully to ensure they arrive intact. We take special care to ensure they make it to your recipient safely. Please contact our customer service at customercare@bakemeawish.com or 888-987-9474 with any questions or concerns about your pie delivery. We are happy to assist you.