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Bake Me A Wish! Return Policy

Updated August 16th, 2023

Order Changes and Cancellations:
Wishing to make a change? No problem! For any alterations, address corrections, or if you need to cancel your order, our Customer Care Team is here to assist you. Simply dial 888-987-9474 or shoot an email to To ensure a smooth process, please make sure your requests for changes are received no later than 12 pm Eastern Time (11:00 am EST for Personalized/Theme cakes) on the shipping day, before your gourmet gift is on its way. Unfortunately, once your order has made its journey or the cut-off time has passed, we are unable to cancel or make changes. Rest assured, once we've made any alterations, we'll send you an updated order confirmation right away.

Delivery Issues:
Your happiness and the timely arrival of your order are our top priorities! If there's a hiccup with the delivery of your sweet treat, we're ready to help. You might be eligible for a full or partial refund, store credit, or even overnight delivery of a fresh replacement. Reach out to our Customer Care Department at 888-987-9474 or at your earliest convenience, so we can get to the bottom of any issues and offer the best solution for any late or damaged shipments. If the item was on-time, but damaged, a photograph of the damage is very helpful!

You may return unused packaging by asking a customer care agent for a label, but we do not require this in order to complete a return. WE MUST hear from you in 14 days to honor UPS claims for damage or insurance purposes.

A Friendly Reminder:
Our return policy may change from time to time. For the most current and detailed information, we recommend a visit to the Bake Me a Wish FAQ page or a chat with our Customer Care Team. Thanks for using Bake Me A Wish!