Over-The-Top Milkshakes

Shake it up

July 18, 2019, 8:41 am

The definition of a milkshake has changed over the years. What started as an alcoholic whiskey drink has evolved into the creamy blend of ice cream and milk that we enjoy today.    

Basic vanilla milkshakes? Run-of-the-mill chocolate shakes? They’re classics that are still enjoyable. This summer, crazy milkshakes are the hot new trend. The It milkshake of today is a dessert sensation that stuns and amazes. Outrageous combinations and wild toppings have shaken up the average milkshake. They’re Instagram worthy- and major conversation starters.  

Do you usually enjoy a slice of cake with a fork? Not today. It’s time to try something new. Our suggestion is an over-the-top way to enjoy your cake. Throw a slice of it in your milkshake to take it to the next level.  All you need is a slice of cake, some ice cream, milk and a blender! You now have a milkshake that is extra rich and extra delicious. Have your cake and sip it too!

Any flavor you throw in will be out of this world! Use up your leftover birthday cake by blending it for a sweet drinkable dessert. We recommend throwing a slice of our Rainbow Cake or Strawberry Funfetti Cake into your shake. If this seems too adventurous, enjoy the cake and milkshake separately for double the fun!

Send a cake to your friend so they can join the party!

Rainbow Cake



Strawberry Funfetti Cake