Happy Birthday Messages on Facebook - Special or Not?

You decide

August 14, 2019, 10:31 am

 Wishing someone a happy birthday is a special gesture. We used to feel lucky when our birthday was acknowledged and remembered. It meant someone took the time out of their day to remind us we are loved and deserve to be celebrated. With the rise of social media, it now feels that saying happy birthday has lost its luster. Before social media was even an idea, birthdays were usually remembered with much fanfare. Your birthday was a day where your loved ones would sing to you over the phone, in a display that demonstrated how important you were to them. For the most part, this has been replaced with a simple two-word text and perhaps an emoji or two to really add sentiment.

Even worse, it seems that people think a simple “Happy Birthday” Facebook post will suffice. Facebook thinks it is being helpful by reminding us it’s someone’s big day. The notifications are useful, but for people you’re actually friends with in real life, a Facebook message is not enough. Social media has tricked us into believing everything needs to be short and sweet – and convenient. A happy birthday message on Facebook to your loved one may be convenient, but it’s the easy way out. This impersonal way to wish someone a great birthday should only be reserved for people in your network you don’t actually know (and maybe not even then).

A birthday only comes once a year. Mark the occasion with thoughtful gestures they’ll appreciate. Call them. Celebrate with them in person. Present them with a birthday cake. These are all personal, meaningful ways to let someone know you care. Your loved ones will be grateful you made the effort.

For their next birthday, send a birthday cake from Bake Me A Wish! It includes a greeting card you can customize to include your heartfelt message. If you want to wish someone happy birthday on social media, that is absolutely okay. If you really want to make their birthday unforgettable, our birthday cake delivery can help you go the extra mile.  


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