Top Easter Gifts for Every Bunny

Now is the perfect time to send Easter gifts!

March 19, 2020, 11:38 am

 Spring has sprung! Easter is coming up, and every year people search for the best Easter gifts to send to their loved ones. We have delicious and memorable gifts that are sure to brighten any day. Bake Me A Wish! ships nationwide, so you can send an Easter gift whether you're near or far. You can celebrate with your friends and family even if you're miles away. You can send Easter cupcakes, cookies, and more! 

Here are the Easter Bunny’s top picks:

Easter Cookies

For all your relatives who live far away, let them know they’re in your heart. The kids (and adults) will fight over who gets which cookie. These are almost too cute to eat. Almost…

Mini Easter Cupcakes

What’s better than mini cupcakes? Mini cupcakes topped with everyone’s favorite Easter candy: jellybeans. Sweeten up the day by sharing these with family and friends…or eating them all yourself. 

Mini Springtime Cupcake Bouquet

               We couldn’t stop at just one set of mini cupcakes. These delightful cupcakes have little flower sprinkles! A cupcake delivery is a great way to send a little joy. 

Gourmet Flower Cake

April showers will bring May flowers, but you can get a head start this year with our Gourmet Flower Cake. This stunning option will be a gorgeous centerpiece to your Easter meal, and lights up any dessert table.   

Carrot Cake

               Whether you love it or you're not a fan, it’s a classic Easter dessert. What Easter celebration is complete without a carrot cake? Send a carrot cake this Easter - the Easter Bunny approves.

Flower Cookies

                These cookies are back in bloom! They're tasty and great for sharing. Your loved ones would be so pleased to find these at their door. Send a cookie delivery today!