I'm Sorry

Apology Gift Deliveries

Saying you're sorry can be one of the most difficult things to do, but you've taken that first step and built up the courage to admit you're wrong. Sweeten the forgiveness by sending your apology with a delicious bakery gift!

Ok - so you made a mistake. There is nothing bigger than owning up and saying "I'm Sorry". We can help you ease the tension with a delicious cake delivery that includes your apology. There's no better way to make up for your transgressions than having a delicious cake delivered.

Whether you need your apology gift delivered in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago, our gourmet cakes are priced to meet your needs. We ship cakes overnight, nationwide to ensure your gift is delivered. Every cake we offer can be sent next day service - order cakes online before 4:50PM ET, Monday through Friday.

If you have any questions on your cake delivery, or ordering a cake, please visit our FAQ, call us at 888-987-9474, or email us.