Baking Wishes Come True!

Remember the excitement you felt as a child when your birthday cake was carried into the room? We want to help recreate that excitement and experience for your friends, clients or loved ones' special day with our delicious gourmet food gifts.

Bake Me A Wish! began in 2005 as the premiere nationwide service for gourmet birthday cake delivery. Our cakes are made with only the finest, freshest ingredients by our award-winning New York bakeries. Over the past decade, we've grown to offer more and more of the finest bakery gifts available including gourmet cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pies and quiches. There is no better way to celebrate a special occasion than to send a little indulgence from someone who cares. Our Guarantee: On-Time Delivery and a Quality Gift

How It Works

You select a gift

Chose from a variety of cakes, cookies, cupcakes and brownies. We have 100’s of delicious gourmet pastries for every taste

We make it pretty

We pack your gift in a beautiful gift box designed to preserve the gift during transit, along with a greeting card to make them feel special

We ship it fast

We ship your gift in a customized cold packaging via expedited delivery optimized to save you money and yet be there on time

They enjoy it

Your special someone gets their gift on the same day you want it to arrive, perfectly preserved and delicious to eat