It is important to express your condolences when someone loses a loved one. Sending a bakery gift is a thoughtful gesture to show your compassion. When people are in mourning, they appreciate comfort food. A selection of cookies or brownies is a welcome snack for them to nibble on. Help take their mind off their troubles: they’ll be grateful for the distraction.

It is a long-standing tradition to send food when people are grieving. When you don't know what to say, say it with a cake. Send a traditional coffee cake as a sympathy gift. Let them know you’re thinking of them with a comforting red velvet chocolate cake or a creamy New York cheesecake. A quiche can be a delicious option as well.

Sending something right to their door means they don’t have to think about what to eat or serve to visitors. Make things easier for them. Have a bakery combination gift delivered so they have a variety to choose from. Bake Me A Wish has something for everyone, and your support will be remembered.