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Gourmet Cupcake Delivery

All of your favorite cupcake flavors are available online through Bake Me a Wish! Presenting a delicious selection of gourmet cupcake sets, specially created for nationwide delivery! Now, you can send scrumptious cupcakes to your loved ones no matter where they live. Each cupcake delivery includes a greeting card that you can personalize - a great gift for any occasion!

Cupcakes are extremely popular, and at times a cupcake delivery can be a better option than sending a cake. If you need a portable snack or a bite-size treat, choose cupcakes. They're great for kids and people who only want to enjoy a little bit of sweetness at a time. Bake Me A Wish! cupcakes come in many flavors, and most gifts offer a variety. If you aren't sure what kind of cake someone prefers, sending cupcakes instead is your best bet. There is more of a chance everyone can find something they love! Cupcakes are perfect for sharing. If you can't decide on which cake to send, try something different and send cupcakes! Order cupcakes from us online, we can send them to your recipient whether you're near or far from them. Be sure to try some of our favorite seasonal offerings, such as our Mini Flower Cupcake Bouquet.

The first cupcake recipe was written in 1828 in a cookbook titled, Receipts. There were tiny cakes around before this recipe, but this was the first time they were referenced using the term cupcake. The idea was that they were more economical. The cupcakes were much easier to consume and took less time to bake. Some believe that cupcakes were created to use up leftover cake batter. Cupcakes were eventually sold commercially, and their popularity has risen ever since.

A cupcake delivery always starts the party! Our cupcakes have fun decorations and sprinkles that make any occasion extra festive. They make for very colorful dessert options. They'll steal the show and outshine everything else on the table. There are different flavor options, so everyone can find a favorite. These are must-haves for parties and can even turn any day into a party. Have cupcakes delivered to the friend you don't know what to buy for. Who wouldn't want to receive birthday cupcakes sent right to their door?

Cupcakes are a thoughtful gift, and just as much thought must go into how they are shipped. Bake Me A Wish has always taken extra care in shipping cupcakes. We ship our cupcakes in refrigerated packaging to keep them fresh for your recipient. Your cupcakes will be sent in a sturdy container to ensure they do not move around too much in transit. They'll be delivered in no time! You can even send them overnight as a last-minute gift. Order cupcakes online and let us handle the rest! We ship nationwide (near or far), and all gifts have an on-time guarantee. Bake Me A Wish! puts customers first. If you have any questions or concerns about your cupcake delivery, please contact us.