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Kosher Gift Delivery

We understand that it can be difficult to find a great kosher gift to send for a Bar Mitzvah... Or how about a friend who needs comfort while sitting Shiva? Bake Me A Wish! makes it easy to gift without getting all meshuggeneh! We are proud to send kosher and kosher dairy foods as part of our extraordinary selection of bakery gifts that can be delivered nationwide. In fact, we have the largest selection of Kosher Dairy baked goods anywhere online!


Many of our most popular gifts are certified kosher dairy by OK Kosher. Offerings that we have OK certified are displayed on individual gift pages which are notated with the OK-Dairy hechsher, or mark, as seen below. You can also view our full OK Kosher certificate here:



To view our selection of Kosher Dairy cakes, please click here: Kosher Cakes.

Definition of Kosher

Foods that are considered certified kosher adhere to Jewish law and are under rabbinical supervision. There are three main categories of kosher: meat, dairy, and parve. Items categorized as meat may never be served or eaten at the same meal as dairy. Dairy products must only be eaten after servings of meat, and many communities honor different traditions from as soon as the mouth is cleansed to 1-6 hours after a meal with meat.

Parve items may be paired with either dairy or meat, however, if they are included in the preparation of either kosher meat or dairy, then it must be reclassified properly.

Non-Kosher Foods

Some foods, while they may fit into the structure of Kosher Law, may not be certified as Kosher. Quite often, the method in which they are processed is not approved by a kosher entity.

Bake Me A Wish! strives to create a full lineup of kosher and kosher dairy products but from time to time, we may use a supplier that cannot provide a kosher food. Whenever this occurs, our site will clearly notate the entire gift as non-kosher.

Bake Me A Wish! does not currently offer kosher meats or cheeses.

Contact Us

We're always ready to help you find the right gift to send for Shabbat, Shiva, or Chanukah and turn you into a real mensch. Just reach out and contact us! Visit our FAQ section or send us an email.